T.S. Ghazzawi Architecture Consulting

The TSG Ghazzawi Architecture Consulting (TSG Arch Consult) excerpts the craft of design into a shrewd and technical form of artistic representation. The firm’s initiative is clearly exemplified through its operation within a creative inter-disciplinary studio formed by imaginative and culturally diversified personnel. As a multi-international organization, TSG Arch Consult’s chief objective is to outline and recognize the most relevant design problems when developing an architectural scheme for a given proposal. The consistency in our innovative process throughout different design phases and our flexibility to produce various design scopes in compliance with the client’s bottom-line prerequisites, are at the core of our design philosophy, giving harmony to the work architecturally and professionally.

TSG Arch Consulting offers its clientele a comprehensive solution of design documents in all urban planning and architectural disciplines. We ultimately strive at the firm to meet our clients’ needs, desires, and deadlines in the most efficient manner without compromising the creative scheme.

Our Associates

Depending on the project at hand, the TSG Arch Consulting works in direct association with various firms in the Middle East, USA, and Europe. We have extensive and stable associations with some of the most reputable design firms in New York City (USA), Paris (France), and Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) – all of which our offices operate from.

Architecture & Urban Design

The TSG Arch Consulting utilizes latest technological advancements at its workstations and design techniques to maintain a cutting edge with the fast pace chasing our contemporary urban life. Nonetheless, the firm’s rooted understanding and knowledge of architecture and human living may only be manifested through vigorous study of its extensive and solid history and reflected in the results.

At the firm, a team of professionals thoroughly evaluates a given project as a fundamental phase to outline the perimeters and possible revisions to the client’s initial objective. Subsequently, a second analysis is brought forth to construct along with the firm’s associates, the finest team for that particular project. This process forms a dynamic structure to best serve our clients’ needs and deadlines both efficiently and inventively.

Developmental Proposals & Investment Projects

In this particular department, the firm offers selective clientele who maybe interested to view fresh ideas and concepts for projects and urban development proposals. This division has great potential for rapid advancement as clients are already expressing much interest in such creative concepts.