The Commencement

Founded by the entrepreneur, Sheikh Saad Ghazzawi gave birth to Saudi Express in 1975. His vision was to establish a business to service the rapidly growing market in Saudi Arabia.

In 1987, Saudi Express took a turn for logistical purposes and Rida Trading & Contracting Co. became the new business based out of the Western Provence of Saudi Arabia. RITRAC focused on O&M, construction, and catering services.

By joining the family business in 1999, the two ambitious sons of Sheikh Ghazzawi brought further diversification to the company.

Tariq Saad Ghazzawi –the architect founded G Design Group that later in 2011 became under the architecture and engineering consulting firm G Consult, a company focused on Architecture, Interior Design and Furniture Design and Manufacturing.

Mazin Saad Ghazzawi –the jeweler founded NAMAZTE, an exclusive jewelry brand that produces a limited number of timeless one of a kind custom jewelry pieces.

Over the years, RITRACT grew to cover various segments of the Saudi Market and branched out to expand in Middle East, Europe and the United States of America.

In 2007, the business entered the retail industry and created a unique textile brand and introduced it to the Middle Eastern market.

With the architect’s engagement in the filed and the technological and ecological developments and rise of sustainable design, energy efficiency and renewable energy industry, Arch. Ghazzawi got the company further involved in the energy and renewable energy field.

Today, March Global Co. Ltd. is the company that encompasses all the running businesses in Saudi Arabia and internationally which leads the management of the group.